Hills Feline Senior Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity

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Help your older cat stay healthy on the inside and looking great on the outside with Science Plan Feline Senior. The Superior Antioxidant Formula promotes overall health and natural immunity. Science Plan Senior is specially formulated to meet the nutrient and energy needs of cats who are seven years or older. Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat. Kibble is easy for cats to chew. Controlled Phosphorus formula to promote healthy kidneys. Enhanced with fibre for gastrointestinal health. Science Plan Senior has Hill's Superior Antioxidant Formula to help keep the immune system healthy and contains Omega 3 fatty acids to help senior cats maintain joint health during ageing.

Available in 2, 5 and 10kg pack sizes.

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Excellent cat food by AntonyElmer on 25 October 2018

This is expensive, but it is good quality and effective. Our cat has been eating Hills since weaning. He's now 20 years old and looks as if he has many more years ahead. He has had a good life, within which his food must have had a very positive influence.

my cat liked's it by brianloveday on 24 January 2018
by JP on 25 September 2017
excellent price and fast delivery by Teresa on 5 August 2017

Excellent price, fast delivery. Just a shame you can not match wet food prices. If you did I would not have to order from 2 different companies.

Cat enjoying it! by JP on 19 July 2017

The cat has not had this variety of Hills cat food before but seems as greedy for food as ever so it must be good. Always have had speedy delivery too.

Great exchange by moselle on 23 June 2017

Petplanet came to my rescue after one of my cats suddenly died & very kindly swapped food products for me that I had purchased a couple of months before. I had previously bought the 7+ Active Longevity which my remaining cat crunches up very readily. Not only did Petplanet exchange goods without question, they immediately refunded the difference. A big thankyou at a time when this meant a lot to the whole family.