Animal Babble Ball

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Your dog or puppy will adore this motion activated, durable and very interactive Animal Babble Ball! It has more than 20 realistic animal sounds including lion roar, frogs, coyote howl, lots of birds, barking dog, pigs, rooster, lamb, elephant, cow, goat, cat and more!

Available in 3 sizes, small, medium or large. Please click on the links below for more information:

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Great as a distraction training aid by Kelm on 5 August 2019

Pup is fascinated with it, all the different sounds are great for training a young pup. Would be nice if it could be turned off as taking it in the car to class I have to re insert plastic strip, or it would drive me mad!

Babble ball by Silverwing on 14 March 2019

My two springers love this, maybe a little too much as they do have a good chew on it so we have to restrict the amount of time they have it. It’s plenty loud enough, my main concern is that although it says you can replace the battery I have found that where the screws are it is very tight to get access to them and they don’t seem to be regular screws so I’m worried we won’t be able to replace the batteries, only time will tell when it comes to the time when they need replacing. I don’t really hold out much hope and it might be will only have sound for as long as the batteries last.

Will definitely drive you crazy by debmhall on 14 January 2019

Will definitely drive you crazy but my puppy loves it. Better to use outside. My cat likes it as well. Definitely a toy to be brought out occasionally.

My puppy loves it by Katie on 28 December 2018

The babble ball Is great my puppy loves hitting it around and enjoys the different sounds that it makes. She plays with it non stop.

Our dog loves it! by Oskar on 28 December 2018

This is guaranteed to drive you insane, but temper that with the huge amount of fun your dog will have with this ball. I genuinely think he will be devastated when the batteries run out...

by Louise Richens on 8 December 2018