Labyrinth Cat Scratching Post


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A fabulous scratch and hide play centre, your cat or kitten will love this Labyrinth Cat Scratching Post. Stylish design which will fit in with most decors, it is covered in a plush fabric with a sisal scratching post and an attractive pawprint on the tower completes the look. From the snug, warm hidey shelf inside to snooze happily away in, and the post to scratch and stretch up on, to the top platform to relax on keep lookout from, there is plenty to keep your cat or kitten occupied for hours!

The sisal post allow cats to carry out their natural instinct to scratch, to prevent their claws from breaking or being ripped out. Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past! You will be kept amused by all the antics on this sturdy Labyrinth Cat Scratching Post and your feline friend will just adore the privacy and all the scratching opportunities!

Dimensions: approx. W41 x H58cm


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I love it but my kitten is not so sure yet by Dace on 10 July 2018

I really like it as quality is great and it blends in with the decor. While was waiting for my delivery went through all reviews and as soon as I received my order checked for staples and found none. My kitten is not so sure about it yet but have caught her relaxing inside so it looks promising. As my sister is a proud parent to my kittens sister I have ordered one for them both as a surprise.

cats love it by Chris on 31 January 2018

Bought this as I have a new kitten and a 6yr old they both love it the go through the holes sit on the shelf and love the scratching post it is well made and I have it in my lounge and it blends in it is a good buy

Elderly cat took to it straight away by embythesea1 on 14 January 2018

Great solid scratcher and a comfortable platform, at a good price too!

Best Scratching Post Ever! by sh1rleym on 17 December 2017

Very sturdy and well presented scratching post. Doesn't look out of place even in a living room. Tall enough for any cat and the variety of cut out appear endlessly amusing even for a single cat. I would recommend this product as a marked improvement on any previous post designs.

Great product by Kaz on 9 August 2017

OMG I Bengals love it love it, very well made.

very good by Katja Jones on 22 June 2017

The cats love it!


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