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Let your small pet be the king of its very own castle with the Smartkitz Small Animal Castle - Large. This large castle is assembled from flat pack cardboard with no glue or tool required! Hours of fun for any lucky small pet!

  • Fun and different animal house
  • Great for entertaining your small pets
  • Easy assembly from flat pack
  • Made from recycled cardboard

Create a unique and fun play area for your small animals with this built it yourself castle kit. A stunning three floor building with plenty of windows and doors, this castle has plenty of space for hiding, sleeping, nesting and of course playing!

Playing in castles like this is a great way to stimulate your pets and give them plenty of exercise and an outlet for their natural instincts. The floors have been specially designed to support your pet’s weight.

This castle is also a great way for your kids to play and interact with their small animal pets! Your kids will love to decorate their pet’s new play area and make it truly personal and different.

Ideal for a wide variety of small pets including rabbits, kittens, rats, ferrets and degus.

Please Note: Some small pets might not be happy with the interior layout of this unit as it is and might try to create their own doors, windows or widen the existing ones. This is a natural instinct for many small animals as they often gnaw on things not only to keep their teeth healthy and sharp but because they are really into interior decorating.

  • L55 x W55 x H80cm

Please Note: Due to constant redecorations and use by your animals, this product may become unstable after a while. Keep an eye on the stability of this product and replace once worn. Use only under supervision.

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Fun Castle by niall12341234 on 7 January 2018

Our two bunnies love their castle.

favourite treat by Nicola C on 5 January 2018

my bunnies love this castle. playing in it is their favourite pastime. one bunny does tend to chew it but it's still sturdy enough to last a while outside under a shelter. I use masking tape hidden inside for extra strength. I will always buy more of these.

Highly recommended, good quality item by 0774barbara11 on 3 January 2018

I bought this castle for my daughter's Nederland dwarf house bunny, as a similar castle bought three years previously was looking rather worse for wear after countless hours of fun! What a bashing it's taken over the years but it was still holding her weight. She's quite big for her breed. I am delighted with the quality, fast/easy assembly and sturdiness of the replacement castle, which she is already 'customising' to enable her to use the windows as doors! Delivery was speedy and I am highly impressed with both the service and the product provided by petplanet.

A lovely treat for Christmas! by angelfeathersgatherhere on 18 December 2017

Bunnies are notoriously difficult to buy for, we have 3 house bunnies - English Spot/Rex cross and Dalmation Rex breeds. They are age 5 (Jasper) 3 (Sally Scissors) and 2 (Harry aka Hass Hass) They love the animal castles, and they can be as destructive as they like. Two of them are absolutely huge (Jasper & Sally), and we have Harry 'the baby' who is tiny compared to the others! The castle will be trashed shortly after Christmas no doubt, the drawbridges ripped off, the windows half chewed away - but what fun for them, and for us watching them! We have had this product before, hence our buying it again. Our bunnies love playing with it, and I highly recommend it to anyone. I have just bought another one for my daughters cat which is a Persian/Ragdoll cross and is absolutely stunning! I'm sure he will also love it! He loves climbing, and cardboard boxes are also a favourite - what a Christmas he will have!

Bunnies love it! by KathC on 13 December 2017

I bought this for my house rabbits Bertie and Missy and they love it! It's not difficult to put together and is sturdy and a really good size. I bought two as the manufacturer seems to have stopped making them, so l hope they don't demolish it too quickly.

Large castle by Taz the rabbit on 5 October 2017

My rabbit loves castle , has not eaten it yet but has enlarged doors. Bit wary of going upstairs but I am sure he will eventually. Easy to put together and quite strong my rabbit weighs 2k plus. Good product great fun factor. Regards Taz the lion lop.


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