Hills Science Plan Feline Adult Perfect Weight Chicken & Salmon Pouches 12 x 85g


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Especially for adult cats over 1 year old, Hills Science Plan Feline Adult Perfect Weight is recommended for cats that are less active, neutered or otherwise prone to being overweight. Cats at a healthy weight enjoy a richer life and are less prone to develop weight-related problems and this yummy cat food contains high quality ingredients that have been carefully combined to bring out the delicious flavours of chicken or salmon.

  • Helps your cat reach optimum weight
  • Easy way to help keep weight off

Keeping your feline friend at a healthy weight provides the following benefits:

  • Better able to run, jump, play and take part in family activities
  • At a lower risk for a variety of weight-related diseases
  • More likely to get up and go to the water dish or litter tray more often, helping avoid issues such as urinary tract disease
  • Grooming is easier & keeping up with daily routines helps your pet to stay relaxed and feel in control
  • Healthy weight contributes to better emotional and mental health in cats

Quantity: 12 x 85g Pouches
6 x Chicken
6 x Salmon


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