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Help your cat expend pent up energy with this awesome, high quality One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel.

The run surface is made from a closed cell EVA foam to help prevent claws from catching and allows your feline friend to run naturally using their claws for safe footing.

Without the need to hunt prey, cats need other outlets for that pent up energy. It is good for your cat to get some sort of workout; and changing it up to keep your pet interested is important. Now you can offer your feline friend this tempting exercise wheel for use when you are not at home.

The open design allows your cat to enter from either side and once your kitty has got used to it, he or she will develop a natural running rhythm. Due to its great design, it rolls smoothly on the wheels and is very stable with no wobble . Made from recycled plastic, it is both sturdy and lightweight for ease of moving it around your home.

  • Suitable for cats up to 11.4kg.
  • Stable on both carpet and hard-floors.
  • Quick home assembly.
  • Four wheel cover accessories included.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Wheel diameter: 122cm
Tread depth: 23cm
Base: L86.5 x W30.5cm
Colour: Black

Please view the videos to see it in action.

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The cats love it, and they now let me sleep through the night! by karen564 on 14 December 2018

My indoor cats can finally tire themselves out enough to let me sleep through the night! They all seem to like it, two liked the incentive of ham to give it a go, two loved killing the feather toys on it to start the fun, but once they'd got the hang of it it was excellent. Expensive, but our cats are worth it.

Brilliant item! by the_propolis_kid on 5 December 2018

Super product, clear assembly instructions, easy and with the tools provided. Our kitten went on it straight away and has got the hang of using it by himself in just over a week! The box got damaged in transit and one of the track pieces was broken, but it was replaced immediately.

Great buy by Stacey Kasim on 11 October 2018

I bought this for my Sphynx kitty, the first 3 days she was scared of it, but after 3 days with sitting with her and using fishy treats she loves it! She runs fast now and is so confident on it! It’s honestly the best thing I have bought her!

My cat loves this! by gills2007 on 8 October 2018
what a great invention by karenbubble26 on 22 September 2018

I bought this product for my 4 month old crazy Bengal kitten. Within 24 hours he was already walking on it for treats, we've had it for 2 weeks now and he loves it, he uses it himself without the treats as prompts, he doesn't run fast on it yet as he's young but I can see him enjoying this wheel for years to come, well worth the money and easy to build.

by Prue on 17 August 2018


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