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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Fruities or Munchers tasty and nutritious crunchy treats packed with Cherry & Apricots or Carrot & Leek, which your rabbit will love.

  • Also suitable for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters and Gerbils

Fruities (Cherry & Apricot): Flour, oats, vegetable oil, sugar, cherries (min 2.5% in white biscuit), apple, raspberries, apricots (min 1% in orange biscuit), coloured with EC additives
Munchers (Carrot & Leek): Flour, oats, vegetable oil, sugar, wheat middlings, carrot (min 1%), leek (min 1%), bran, coloured with EC additives

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by loopeylyn on 30 January 2019

These are the best treats ever for my bunny boopsie he can't wait to get in them he prefers the munchers even before I open the packet he knows what they are and climbs up his cage to get to them. I give him about 3 a day. & he one happy bunny.

My guinea pigs loves these fruties by Amy on 27 October 2018

I have 6 guinea pigs all very different & personalities as well & they all love the fruities. I can highly recommend this to all guinea pig owners.

Bunny Biscuits by Kevin on 9 October 2018

My 3 male rabbits, Rocky, Lemmy and Winston have a biscuit with their breakfast of rabbit nuggets and hay.they eat the biscuits first. They have another biscuit with their tea, a different colour. They prefer the orange biscuits to the red. You do get broken ones in the packets.

Excellent value, my rabbit really loves these treats. by lindaannlindsay on 18 April 2018
Gorgeous by christinaelvis on 2 January 2018

My Rabbit absolutely love's these treats.

They are different now by Wendy on 9 November 2017

These are not the same as the ones I've ordered 6 times before they are more processed looking and much smaller. I'm not happy at all.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review and taking the time to contact us. We are sorry to hear you have not been happy with this purchase. We have emailed you in regards to this. Please accept our apologies. Kind Regards PetPlanet Customer Care Team


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