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Good Girl Kitty Grass is simple to grow and great for adding natural roughage to your cats diet. All cats love eating grass and now your indoor cat can benefit too! This easy germinating grass seed is supplied in its own convenient tray and will offer your cat fresh, juicy grass to eat any time of the year.

It will not only aid your feline friend's digestion but also help your kitty to cough up any hairballs. It is a great natural product for your cat that provides vitamins and minerals and contains no chemical additives.

  • Germinates in just a few days

Handy hint:
The seeds have to be germinated properly in the dark so that the roots properly knit together before being put in a lighter place to grow. This way your cat will not pull the grass out when eating.

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They love it by dorren555gmailcom on 12 October 2017

So easy to grow and the cats have their own little garden love it.

Healthy snack they love! by Bcats on 10 March 2017

My cat just loves this grass! he even sits beside it when he's not eating it. Just wished once grown it lasted a bit longer. But great for getting up the hairballs too :)

Good product by Purdey on 14 September 2016

My two Burmese cats are kept in-doors, therefore thus kitty grass is excellent for them. They love it!

by Virginie on 21 October 2018

A bit expensive for some seeds and soil.

Nice fresh long grass. by Christine on 4 April 2018

My Cat loves some fresh grass as part of her diet and likes to nibble this indoors too. I wasn't sure she would like it indoors, but she does and has a nibble every day.

Grew well but cat not interested by Nikki on 29 July 2014

Partly thanks to the hot weather recently our cat grass grew very quickly indeed Our cat occasionally goes over to sniff it and sometimes tears off a blade or two with her teeth but then just drops it on the floor and saunters off She is very fussy with her food though so this is perhaps unsurprising A couple of weeks after it first germinated the grass is now very long and pretty anaemiclooking but we may have overwatered it Well try to rescue it and persevere to see if maybe our cat will come around to it eventually


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