Hills Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic Weight Management - 12x370g Cans


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2 x 12kg


Hill's Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic Weight Management is weight loss and maintenance nutrition clinically proven to naturally work with each dog's unique metabolic response to support healthy weight loss and maintenance.

This nutrition is clinically proven to safely provide 28% body fat loss in 2 months because it works to control hunger, helping to keep dogs feeling full and satisfied between meals.


  • Great taste and highly palatable backed by Hill’s 100% refund guarantee.
  • Reduced need to measure portions precisely.
  • Nutrition that helps your dog feel full and satisfied between meals.
  • Clinically proven to avoid weight regain following a weight loss programme.
  • Clinically proven to safely provide 28% body fat loss in dogs in two months.


Contents: 12x 370g cans

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Hills Prescription Diet by phyllis on 23 January 2019

Our vets has recommended this for weight control and we also find it keeps her stools firm so we are very pleased Cheapest price on Petplanet easy to order and free delivery. Not over packaged which is a bonus.

by SHARON on 18 October 2018

This is the only food he can't wait to get stuck in to. Absolutely loves it!

Dogs love it by Chris on 24 April 2018

It is expensive but the dogs like it and if it helps them to lose weight then it will be worth the money. Our dogs are Labradors so are prone to being weighty so using this particular brand which was recommended by my vet will hopefully do the trick.

A product that really works by Ben Townsend on 27 September 2017

Started using this product after being very lazy and poor dog owners - dog was rushed to vet and diagnosed with pancreatitis due to diet. This shocked and frightened me into action. One of my Cocker Spaniels was a shocking 20 kilos at Christmas. However, after being put on this food by vet and regular (two weekly weigh ins at vets) after eights months over five kilos lost. One more kilo to go and onto regular hills. It is expensive food and I have two spaniels both on this food at a cost of £150 a month. But it's my fault to start with, so I have no right to complain about cost. Anyhow, the product works and their coats are amazing, zero dandruff too - breath a bit ripe though. Overall would recommend 100%.

Diet food for dogs. by Doggiemad on 4 April 2017

This canned food is not as pungent as some dog food. Yes it is on the costly side but if the vet says your dog needs to be on a diet, then it's worth it. My Lola has lost over 1 kilo in 4 weeks!

Excellent Service by roshven2u on 6 January 2017