Barkshire 3 Panel Folding Dog Gate - 136 x 61cm


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This mahogany-coloured 3 Panel Folding Dog Gate helps keep your pets where you want them.

Manufactured from high quality fir, making it durable, it is easily stored and ideal for taking with you on trips with your canine friend. It is a freestanding gate with a hinged, folding Z design to block doorways, halls and corridors, and is easily moved around. It needs no wall attachments and keeps your pet safely out of the way.

  • Not suitable for puppies.
  • Not suitable for boisterous dogs.

Dimensions: W136 x H61cm
Width Between Bars: 5cm

Customer Notes: This wooden product is not suitable for avid chewers. If your dog does chew, we would suggest a metal pet barrier. This gate is ideal for well-trained dogs who understand not to cross a fence or border. If your dog has a habit of pushing gates or doors open, we recommend you use a gate with wall attachments.

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So useful by Cat on 15 April 2019

Lightweight, so easy to move around. Folds up small for storage. I've used it to stop dogs in hallway so I can dry them off after a walk (it's not quite wide enough but works). Stop the nearly blind dog walking into the black dog sleeping in a bed. Keep eating dogs apart (They fuss if shut out of sight). Wasn't sure if my 4 dogs (small and 12+yrs) would push it over - they haven't. As long as it's not stretched out to much it's quite stable and it was cheap enough to risk trying.

great value and very handy by Gem on 23 March 2019

I love how quickly and easily I can move this gate around. Great for preventing my dog to reach the post as it comes through the door before I do and for keeping him away from the vacuum when I'm cleaning. If you want something sturdy that can't be knocked down, this probably isn't the best choice, but it is perfect for making it less desirable for your dog to get to particular areas. (Such as my face when I'm doing yoga!!)

It’s ok by cfb1 on 23 March 2019

Not the greatest but does the job if you have a rabbit and not a dog! Not made well either, but I did pay only £13 so say no more!

You get what you pay for!! by Dog owner on 18 March 2019

Bought this gate on special offer. It's poor quality wood (rough & inconsistently stained) but does the job & would cost too much to return so have reluctantly kept it. Am using it upstairs so at least guests don't see it!

Brilliant by sharon-e-young on 16 March 2019

Love this gate so much, we now have 3 of them. So useful and such good value. Sturdy and versatile, both at home and at our caravan.

Excellent buy by Lyn on 8 March 2019

We bought this stairgate to stop the dogs going upstairs. It is very user friendly and folds away easily. Much better than the stairgates that need to be opened often with difficulty so lazy family members don't use them. It is high enough to deter our big dog who could easily jump it but doesn't. Would highly recommend.


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