Barkshire Pet Steps & Ramp - 20kg Weight Capacity


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Perfect to help your four-legged friend reach a higher surface, the Barkshire Pet Steps can also convert into a ramp. These pet steps are really very handy and can be folded down to go in your car boot or under your bed. Now your pet can easily reach a bed or the inside of a vehicle. No more struggling for pets with short legs or pets suffering from arthritis!

Manufactured from quality fir and covered in plush carpeting, these steps are sturdy, comfortable and durable.

  • Weight capacity: 20kg.

Steps: L74 x W44.5 x H51cm (individual step area: W24.5 x D42.5cm)
Folded: L88 x W44.5 x H10cm
Product Weight: 6.25kg

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Fantastic & easy Storage by mickey639 on 16 August 2019

Bought these a while ago now for my old girl (sadly now gone) BUT they really improved her life towards the end only one fault is my girl trailed a back leg (as well as arthritis & cancer) & in getting on the bed she would catch a step which would then fall funny I don't really know what would fix it must be some thing simple BU?T it wasn't a real problem

Excellent purchase. by Elaine Todd on 31 July 2019

My bed is very high, 24" and my puppy is very small, so I thought these steps would help. They are perfect for her, took her a few goes to gain confidence, but now she's able to climb on to the bed and lick me awake at 4.30am every morning....thanks guys. Having said that, they are very sturdy and each step is quite wide which helps with balance when she is little. The steps are held up with a solid piece of wood, and the legs are strong, no wobbling. She eill still need them when she's grown up and I'm expecting them to last a good long time. There is no way she could use the ramp, it's far too steep, but as a set of steps, it's perfect and I no longer have to worry about her jumping from a great height and damaging her little legs. Highly recommended.

Great quality by Dawn Loxham on 24 July 2019

These steps are great quality and really sturdy, made from solid wood and no flimsy fastenings to support steps, they are held in place by easy to use, solid wood supports. This item is a little to steep to use as a ramp for my pet but he's confident in using them as steps. The first set I bought had a slight split in one of the step supports, however, petplanet were very responsive and sent out a replacement free of charge within 3 working days! Fantastic customer service. 5* service and product.

Delighted with these steps/ramp. by Jean BoultonDelighted with on 24 July 2019

I am very happy with my buy and so is my dog.

Pet ramp/stairs Brilliant buys by My girls on 16 July 2019

My three rescued Yorkies who have various ‘issues’ following mis-treatment can now get up on my settee without me having to lift them every 2 mins. Bought 2.

Unlucky for me by Angela Maynard on 15 May 2019

Perhaps my purchase was a one off based on the reviews so far, but mine broke after a few attempts from my dog to use them and she's not a big dog. Therefore, I'm disappointed, it isn't the sturdy piece of kit I expected. However, I reported the problem immediately and got a full refund, so am totally happy with the follow-up customer service.


Q: How heavy is this item? Thankyou.
A: The total weight of the steps is 6.25kgs.
If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Q: I have a small Chihuahua and she has a problem getting up/down off my bed,which is 24 inches high.
If the steps are over 5" high she cannot get up them due to her short legs
Have you any suggestions.I would be most grateful. Thank you.
A: If you have a little space to spare, a small ramp might be your best bet.
Q: my dog is a big. Labrador of 33 kg.Would the steps be ok for him? 20kg seems very little.
A: These are made for bigger dogs:
Q: Do u stock steps suitable for newfoundland dog
A: Can you please confirm the weight of your newfoundland and I can check our website?
If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Q: Would the Barkshire steps/ramp be suitable for a 34 kilo Labrador with a bit of arthritis.
A: Nope. The weight capacity for that one is only 20kg. You''ll need something with a higher weight capacity.
Here''s one that would work:
Q: Hello, are they suitable for a 28kg Labrador to use?
A: Nope, the weight capacity for that ramp is only 20kg. You''ll need steps or a ramp that will handle over 28kg.
The weight capacity for each item is listed in the title:


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