Pioneer Pet Raindrop Plastic Pet Fountain - 1.8 Litres


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This sleek and stylish Pioneer Pet Raindrop Plastic Pet Fountain will attract your cat or dog to it and encourage your four-legged friend to drink more water. Cats and dogs are attracted to moving water and as this filtered water tastes so good, your pet will feel more inclined to drink. This in turn helps to prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.

Made from high quality plastic making it durable, it is extremely easy to clean and its modern raindrop shape will complement any room décor. It features a replaceable charcoal filter for clean, pure and healthy water and its large capacity reduces the number of times you need to refill it each day.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Continuously filters the water

Dimensions: approx L29.3 x D24.1 x H10.3cm
Capacity: approx. 1.8 litres
Power cord: 183cm
Replacement filters are available.

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Fantastic value for money. by Mimi on 10 August 2019

We love this Pet Waterfall. I ordered it for my fiancés 3 Months old kitten Shadow. She absolutely loves it, she runs to it all the time. She wasn't drinking enough from a normal water bowl and we were getting a bit worried. With this fountain there's no problem now with her drinking. It's really great quality and very sturdy. It's well made and is very good value for money. My only negative is that the cable needs to be a bit longer. Thank you for a great product.

Did not like by Karen on 3 August 2019

My dogs did not like this so it was a waste of money for me the water does not pour out higher enough for the dogs to drink.

Amazing value, looks and works great by Char on 18 January 2019

I bought this fountain as my old one stopped working. After looking through quite a lot of other sellers, I decided to give PetPlanet a go. This fountain was around £12, so although I didn't expect an amazing item, I thought that worst case scenario, I'd only spent £12. This water fountain is AMAZING! The pump is efficient and powerful, and the charcoal filter that comes with the fountain keeps the water crystal clear. It looks great, I found that a lot of the other fountains on the market looked very... plastic and cheap, whereas this one looks modern, clean, and is very easy to wipe clean. Another bonus: I bought this for my cat as she refuses to drink from still water, but the shape of it (the water comes out the top and travels down the stream into a bowl underneath) allows my Labrador and Chihuahua to drink out of it too. Literally my only negative with this item, is that if the water falls below the 'max' line, the filter does get a bit noisy. It's definitely not intrusive in a room with background noise but I can imagine if it was in a silent bedroom at night, it could be quite annoying. All in all, fantastic value for money, lovely sleek look, efficient filter and pump. Would buy again.

Love it by margmcdo.dsncks on 15 January 2019

Omg this water Fountain is great my two girls love it. I would recommend this fab value for money a big thanks ??????

Purchased one some years ago and cats love it so bought replacement by Ireneanne on 13 October 2018

All three of my cats love to drink from this water fountain although it took them a little while when I first purchased. Our original one just stopped working and ordered another on 10th October with free delivery and received it on 13th October. On reading instructions saw we should have been cleaning out the motor which we hadn't been doing and as per instructions included with new one I watched on YouTube on how to do this and our original one which we have had a few years and also purchased from Petplanet is working again. Keeping the new one as a spare and would recommend buying.

Dogs loved it by Katt on 27 September 2018

Both my dogs and my brothers dogs used this fountain, my puppy tried to take a swim in it lol, dogs really like the moving water and drinking from it, never seen them drink so much.


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