SmartCat Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post - 83.5cm Height


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Does your cat claw away at your furniture? This SmartCat Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post allows your cat to stretch up and scratch in the same way. All you need to do is to position it near to your furniture and entice your feline friend to use it instead. You could perhaps add a dangly toy to the top for extra excitement or cover it in enticing catnip. Once your cat starts to use it your furniture will, hopefully, be scratch free!

It is a fabulous, heavy and sturdy scratching post that will not only fit in with any home d├ęcor but also last for years. The base is made from varnished mdf in two parts for extra durability, and the fibrous woven sisal means that your feline friend will get much more use out of it than a cat scratcher with wound sisal.

It is very important for cats to have a durable scratching post to help them tone their muscles, to remove old nail sheaths from their claws and to help relieve stress. Easily assembled, your kitty will adore it and may even climb to the top to survey the room.

There is also a fabulous perch with a cushion that fits the top of this post to make your cat's lookout spot more comfy that is sold separately by PetPlanet on 62799.

Base: approx. L40 x W40cm
Post height: approx. 83.5cm
Post width: 14cm

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Our cats love it by Zara on 12 October 2017

This is our second (the first was given by a friend) and, placed in a different room, is just as popular with our two cats as the first. Effectively discourages them from scratching our new sofa! Sturdy and so tall it enables the cats to fully stretch as they scratch. Not cheap but definitely worth the expense.

by Pambarker1 on 2 October 2017

Buy the red top with the pole - your cat will love sitting on the top for a nap.

Great height by Mei on 1 September 2017

My cats love a good stretch when they use a scratch post. This one is also hard wearing. I wish they made sratchpost you could turn upside down so that they lasted longer!

As a tall lean Simease Cat, love it ! by Casper on 21 August 2017

I can stretch right to the top without the Pole being too small in height. I can than scratch at the Post until my heart is content. A very happy Kitty !

This is great! My cat accepted and climbed up this straight away. by cabriggs on 15 August 2017

Very sturdy and neat. Looks great.

Best scratch post ever by Alex Rymer on 31 July 2017

It's tall enough for my big cats to stretch and scratch, it's easy to put together, looks neat and tidy and it's very sturdy. Great design with cats and cats only in mind.


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