SmartCat Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post - 83.5cm Height


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Does your cat claw away at your furniture? This SmartCat Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post allows your cat to stretch up and scratch in the same way. All you need to do is to position it near to your furniture and entice your feline friend to use it instead. You could perhaps add a dangly toy to the top for extra excitement or cover it in enticing catnip. Once your cat starts to use it your furniture will, hopefully, be scratch free!

It is a fabulous, heavy and sturdy scratching post that will not only fit in with any home décor but also last for years. The base is made from varnished mdf in two parts for extra durability, and the fibrous woven sisal means that your feline friend will get much more use out of it than a cat scratcher with wound sisal.

It is very important for cats to have a durable scratching post to help them tone their muscles, to remove old nail sheaths from their claws and to help relieve stress. Easily assembled, your kitty will adore it and may even climb to the top to survey the room.

Base: approx. L40 x W40cm
Post height: approx. 83.5cm
Post width: 14cm


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As usual the box is the intial play thing by Janet Hobin on 9 February 2019

As usual the box the scratching post came in was the first thing my 2 cats were interested in. The scratching post is quite tall and it has taken them a little while to get used to it. However they are now using it every day.

Good value for money by Bonnie Misty on 8 February 2019

We love the new scratching post Mummy bought for us. It is very tall so that we can stretch out completely while having a good scratch and we get treats every time we use it! Much better than the old settee! It came very quickly and it was very easy to put together. We would recommend it to any cats! Bonnie & Misty

Good Height by glenysmcclary on 7 February 2019

This scratching post is brilliant not only is it very sturdy but of a good height,although my cat is not big she really loves to stretch out and now does so every morning whilst having a scratch and then she goes out for her fresh air.

Scratching post by Minty on 30 January 2019

Absolutely excellent, nice and tall, pussy cats stretching, good exercise, very firm and loved by my Burmese....

Great buy by Pamela on 29 January 2019

Iv bought quite a few scratchers for my cats in my time, my 5 month old kitten has a couple of floor scratchers which she loves but started scratching up the chairs which is a defo no no so bought this scratcher and it is by far the tallest one I've bought levelling with the tops of the chairs & she loves it clawing her self to the top where she sits and plays or just watches out the window, I did buy the top cover to go with it which she loves, it's made very well looks great & can't recommend this enough,definitely a great buy which looks like it'll last a lot longer than my other scratchers, a must have for all ages of cats who like to scratch

Amazing by Louise Fellows-White on 23 January 2019

Best quality scratch post ever bought, cats love sitting on top of it


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