Iris Freestanding Pet Gate - Width 90 x Height 56cm


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Attractive and functional, this Iris Freestanding Pet Gate will safely confine your pet in a designated play area. Use it to partition a room or corridor, or just place it across a doorway.

Manufactured from commercial grade steel wire with epoxy powder coating, the pet gate is equipped with ABS plastic feet to protect your floor from scratches and prevent sliding.

Dimensions: approx. W90 x D18 x H56cm

Gap between bars: 3.5cm

Please click here for assembly instructions.

Customer Note: Connector blocks can be purchased separately on code 69144 so two or more gates can be joined together. This allows you to block larger areas, or form free standing pens.

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Dose what it say by michaeheale24 on 7 November 2018

Hi the freestanding gate has stopped my pet dog getting out of the kitchen and jumping all over the bed great gate.

Iris freestanding pet gate by Diane on 21 September 2018

Great gate for a quickly movable barrier to block dogs from different areas. Brilliant purchase.

by Anne on 21 August 2018

Great value enabling to keep my puppy out of a room.

Excellent product by SandraR on 13 August 2018

I bought this to keep my chickens out of the house. They free range in the garden for a few hours daily, and try to get into the kitchen to pinch the cat food. The pet gate is absolutely perfect for this purpose. My outer door width is approximately 82 cm and the gate blocks this very well. It is not tremendously tall so that, whilst my chickens haven't worked out how to fly over it, my cat springs over it quite easily, and I would think that a medium- to large-sized dog would not find it a problem to jump over. It's sturdy but light, seems well-made and is good value. The dark brown finish looks fine with my outer door, and the two screw-on feet make it very stable. It suits my purpose perfectly.

by john tranter on 9 August 2018

Bought for my neighbor for her jenny dog thank you.

Definitely stops dog from going upstairs by Dianne on 3 August 2018

stops dog going upstairs after an operation


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