Purrshire Antibacterial Sifting High Sided Cat Litter Tray 50x38cm


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The Purrshire Antibacterial Sifting High Sided Cat Litter Tray is a high walled tray with a feet-cleaning front step, sand sifting bottom tray and is treated with an anti-germ coating.

This litter tray is ideal for cats who do not like covered litter boxes and you will love the small, perforated shelf at the entrance that handily helps to clean off your cat’s paws when exiting to help prevent litter tracking. The raised sides are also good for helping to prevent litter being kicked out.

Made from high quality resin composite material making it soft, tough and durable, it features non-skid pads on the bottom four corners to protect your floors or carpets. Collecting waste from the tray is made easy by the sand sifter. Simply lift and shake the tray to clear solid waste.

  • Litter scoop included.

Dimensions: W38 x D50 x H20cm
Entrance Step Height: 12cm

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Nice looking. by Cat tray on 6 April 2019

A bit on the small side for a larger cat.

Works well by Annie63 on 19 March 2019

Bought this to use with wood pellets - the sawdust just falls through the holes, very easy to clean, very pleased with it.

excellent by ALLI on 16 March 2019

I love this tray we use the wood pellets and I scatter a small amount in the very bottom tray and fill up the second sieved tray. the cat pee mostly runs though to the bottom tray and absorbed by the scattering of pellets. I then just renew the bottom pellets the litter tray stays cleaner and drier for longer. I use much less litter now. Only complaint is it could be a tad bigger and the top high sided clip onbit is tricky to clip back on after cleaning out and somehow it doesn't fit completely snug. I purchased 3 and all of them are the same re the top part. Id buy again a brilliant system and would be even better if they did a bigger size option but it's big enough if your cats not fussy for lots of room. I may even ditch the top high sides as they are a pain to clip on and this would open it up and give a bit more space.

excellent for your cat by jasperthecat on 2 March 2019

Bought this as a spare when I clean my cats other Purrshire tray, cat takes to it straight away. Very easy to clean with the removable bottom tray . Regards, Charles Liddell...

Good Value, and system works well by A Clancey on 30 January 2019

Good idea, and fairly well designed, though they could clip together more easily and securely (more overlap?). Only fit together one way, so be sure to line them up correctly ( we put permanent marker arrows on for ease) Two delivered damaged, though swiftly replaced by Pet Planet. Large quantity purchased for my Boarding cattery. Aware plastic may be a become brittle and crack? High sides a good idea to prevent scatter. Ledge in doorway good idea to help prevent tracking. Sieve base very good idea.

Ok by KNG82 on 1 January 2019

Bought this for my Persian kitten and she is finding it a tad small. I am using it for the wood pellets and the holes in the grid are a tad bit small so take more work to sift the sawdust but no waste on pellets at least. I would say they could have done with putting a bit more space between the tray and the grid tray as the pee just goes straight to the bottom and sits there till I shifted but I’m unsure if that’s due to the holes being too small for the sawdust to work it’s way under maybe. All in all I would say I won’t be buying another one of these ones.