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Made from legendary KONG rubber, this brand new KONG Flyer disc is both flexible and durable and will provide hours of fun exercise for you and your dog. It’s easy to pick up, soft to catch, and can be easily thrown long distances. It can even be rolled up and put in your pocket.

  • Suitable for dogs weighing 13-30kg
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    Kali loves it by Kali on 20 March 2019

    Excellent frisbee play and rubber resistant to chewing.

    Brilliant by Iain on 22 January 2019

    My second of these. Last for ages and comfortable to catch. Nice and soft. 10 out of 10.

    Nice change by stjohnscross on 15 November 2018

    First frizby type toy for one year old standard poodle. She enjoys having something different to a ball, and it's strong and floppy enough to give it a good shake during retrieval. Just need to be carefully not to through it over the neighbours fence!

    Excellent toy by Carrie on 25 October 2018

    This is my second frisbee as my dog lost the first. I have a very hyper border collie and he loves this. Nice soft rubber so doesn't hurt his mouth. Easy to clean. Ideal for carrying as can be folded up. Highly recommend.

    Great product by francine on 18 April 2018

    Excellent - they fly really well and are tough enough not to be chewed up. My dog and I love them.

    OCD Labrador by postiemo on 8 July 2017

    My lab just loves his frisbee, we changed from the black Kong extreme flyer to to the the red one which is more durable but still gives the same flight. Once he has a good workout he will not let you have it and carries it all the way home and drops it. A great purchase.


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