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As we all know, a healthy pet is a happy pet! The Wheely Mineral will help stimulate the natural gnawing action of your small pet keeping its teeth healthy and trim. This useful wheel also provides an excellent source of salt and trace minerals to supplement your small animal's diet and is fun to play with. Keep your furry little friend frisking about in top form!

  • Includes holder to attach to a wire cage

    Suitable for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and other small animals.

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    My hamster ignores this by GB on 2 January 2014

    My hamster completely ignores this product

    Guinea pig and rabbits love these by gordonraspin on 9 May 2013

    One happy Guinea Pig two happy bunnies seems to last a long time great value

    good value by Deborah Palmer on 15 February 2012

    These are more expensive from pet shops as usually sold individually Plastic fixture was not suitable for my gpig enclosure so had to use plastic ties to secure They managed to pull wheel from holder break in half so will not use holder for second one

    great value by michelle13 on 12 February 2012

    great value my guinea pigs love it only problem was holder didnt fit my cage so had to tie on with cable ties

    Amazing by Rami on 7 February 2012

    Good Product My bunny loves it