Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml


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Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml is the ultimate cleaner, deodorant and disinfectant for pets environments. It is an advanced product that can be used in several ways to ensure that pet environments stay hygienically clean.

CLEANING – Can be used on hutches, cages, bedding, carpets and any housing areas.

DEODORISING – Safe to use on animals bedding and any accessories.

DISINFECTANT – Proven to assist in the prevention of bacterial infections such as Canine Distemper, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis. Also reduces the risks associated with Flystrike.

Keep It Clean is safe for use on all animals bedding.

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Great for cleaning the dog toys by mdpaphos on 10 April 2019

Pleasant smell and does the job.

Excellent value by Amy on 27 October 2018

Fantastic cleaner for cleaning my guinea pigs c&c house out. I clean the corrugated plastic base part out with it once a week. It's a very safe cleaning product for cleaning out small animals houses/hutches. I love the fresh lemon scent & its not overpowering either.

Love it by Phillipa Avon on 25 September 2018

Smells great and dries well. Does the job and cleans well. No rabbit smell after and it’s nice to see it works well on the wood.

Excellent Product by Julie on 13 August 2018

I purchased the Lavender variety of this product & find the smell very pleasant & not at all overpowering. This is an extremely versatile product & I have been really impressed with the results.

Great value by Morgan on 16 July 2018

Great price and works very well. I like the subtle lemon smell and it's so easy to use, you spray and leave it to dry and not have to worry about washing it. I have to wash my hamsters ball quite often its convenient

Definitely recommend. by jen24smile on 13 February 2018

I use this to clean my floors, when the dog has been left alone. As he has seperation anxiety and goes to toilet. I also use it to spray his bed in the lounge, at night, and his bed in the bedroom in the mornings. This helps to keep them fairly fresh, so I don't have to be constantly washing them.