Yumega Itchy Dog Oil 250ml

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Yumega Itchy Dog Oil 250ml is a natural blend of the finest Omega 3 & 6 oils of Golden Flax, Starflower and fresh Salmon Oil. It is for dogs with sensitive and itchy skin. It will help reduce itching and scratching and support skin health over the long term.

The daily recommendations are listed below:

  • Small breeds (up to 10kg) – 2.5ml
  • Medium breeds (10-20kg) – 5 – 7.5ml
  • Large breeds (20 - 30kg) – 7.5 – 10ml
  • Very large breeds (over 30kg) – 10 – 15ml

If your dog has sensitive skin, they are more likely to react to things in their environment such as pollen, grasses, fleas and dust mites, causing them to itch and scratch. Prolonged scratching can also cause skin damage, hair loss and damage the coat, as well as making your dog feel very uncomfortable. Key omega 3 and 6 oils found in golden flax, starflower and fresh salmon help to calm sensitive skin and support skin strength, helping your dog cope with these itching triggers.

By adding Yumega Itchy Dog Oil to your dog's meal, you can be sure your dog is getting the key omega 3&6 oils that help calm sensitive skin and reduce itching and scratching.

To give your dog the chance to get used to this product, it is recommended to try using half the recommendation for the first week and then moving up to the appropriate dose.

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Great by zac332 on 12 September 2018

This is magic for keeping Sherlock's skin in good condition and free from scratching.

Always use this on holiday. by sam on 27 July 2018

My border collie cross always seemed to come back from a UK holiday scratching and biting at her paws. She is normally fine when she’s at home. We were recommended this and have been more than happy with the results. I normally give her the oil in her food a couple of weeks before we go then during and then a couple of weeks when we get back. It definitely works for her.

Excellent product and good service from Petplanet by carolepearl on 8 May 2018
Fantastic! by Jaci on 14 February 2018

Our dogs itching has improved. He has more bounce due to less inflamation in joints. Give him back quality of life again. Highly recommend.

by mcardigan on 21 November 2017
Hit and miss by Pet mum on 31 January 2017

Bought this based on other reviews as our Staffie nibbled and scratched herself a lot. Well, she still does but not as bad and her coat seems softer and smoother. We ruled out fleas and mites before trying this, confirmed by our vet. So though she hasn't stopped completely, she has improved, I'd say it's definitely worth trying. Put it on their favourite bit of food to help make sure they eat it. This is two weeks usage.


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